Terms of Service

All fullbodies without bg come with transparent bgs.Wallpapers are double-sized 1920 x 1080 pixel canvases (3840 x 2160px), I can send you both a double-sized and normal-sized copy if requested.These are digital commissions only, commissioners are allowed to print out their commissions but have to do so themselves.Depending on the complexity of a character, I might charge more. I will always inform you of the final price before we agree on the commission. No additional charges will be made after the final price has been set. There will also be no discounts after the final price has been set.Do not commission unless you are certain you can pay for it, and do not cancel a commission after the lineart process has begun.I hold the right to deny a commission request, no matter what the reason. You may request something different or ask how it can be changed for me to accept it.My prices cannot be bargained, please stop lowballing artists.Additional character discounts are only applicable to the same commission piece, not to separate ones (so like couple and group pictures). Small character additions may be free of charge, it depends on the complexity of it and how big it is.There won’t be any watermark on the final product, but there will be a semi-hidden signature. Please do not remove it.I hold the right to use your commission however I like (whether it’s posting on social media or as advertisement for my commissions), and you as the commissioner hold the right to use it anywhere you like (as a wallpaper, on your blog etc). You do not have to credit me if you put it in your desc/profile/icon/etc but again, do not remove my signature, and do not claim as your work. Only the commissioner can give others permission on how they may use it/where to post it, but reposts must have credit.Do not use my art for commercial use/profit unless that’s what we’ve agreed on. Commercial work is entirely different from commissions.You can always, ALWAYS ask me at any time if there’s anything you wonder about before/after commissioning me! =:>

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